The Race to the Courthouse Should Be to the Correct Courthouse

Choosing where a lawsuit is filed often has a significant impact on a case for a variety of reasons that include: Applicable Laws: Different jurisdictions have different laws and regulations. The laws can vary at the federal, state, or even local levels. Where the lawsuit is filed determines which laws will apply to the case, […]

2023 ALPS Defense Panel Retreat

Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg partners Doug Brown and Dane Littlefield attended the 2023 Defense Panel Retreat hosted by ALPS Insurance Agency in beautiful downtown Missoula, Montana from June 14 to June 15, 2023. ALPS is the nation’s largest direct writer of legal malpractice insurance and works in conjunction with numerous state bar organizations across the […]

Civility in the Workplace

By Rebecca Bruch I recently read an article about civility in the workplace and a situation that occurred in… wait for it… a lawyer’s office. It went something like this: An associate working at a law firm [we’ll call her Greta] returned to work after maternity leave. Seems like a happy and joyous moment, and […]

Read the language of your insurance policy that giveth, then taketh

Insurance policies are written contracts where an insured promises to pay a premium in exchange for insurance coverage. The amount of the premium charged is generally clearly communicated by the insurer. What is often less clear is exactly what insurance coverage has been purchased. Insurance policies are treated like other legal contracts. Therefore, legal principles […]

The Continued Erosion of Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Provisions in Severance Agreements

On February 21, 2023, the National Labor Relations Board issued its opinion in McLaren Macomb, addressing the enforceability of confidentiality and nondisparagement provisions in severance agreements. For our public entity clients, you might be thinking, “This doesn’t affect me; the NLRB has no authority over public entities.” For our private employer clients, you might be […]

Escalation Clauses in Construction Contracts

Construction costs can be difficult to estimate in today’s quickly changing economic climate.  Skyrocketing costs of fuel, steel, asphalt, and other building materials are negatively impacting contractors’ and subcontractors’ profits on fixed-price price projects. For the near future, the increasing cost of fuel and materials will continue to be absorbed by contractors. As fuel and […]

Why Not Have a “DIY” Contract?

There is much to be admired about a Do-It-Yourself (also referred to by some as “DIY”) person. The key is to know when a DIY project is within one’s own arena of talent and set of skills. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and platforms such as ChatGPT, there are people who believe that they […]

Why Employers Should Add Stress Management to Workplace Wellness Programs

By: Caryn S. Tijsseling, Esq “Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. It means it’s time for a promotion.” — The Devil Wears Prada (2006). One of the most toxic and infamous work environments in cultural history is at the fictional Runway Magazine.  In the 2006 comedy the Devil Wears Prada recent […]

Three New Year’s Resolutions to Keep in 2023

By: Caryn S. Tijsseling, Esq The new year is a great time take an inventory of our professional lives.  2022 left many of us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  The good news is the beginning of the new year is an opportunity to take specific actions to help get our stress, our law practices and our […]

Attorney Rebecca Bruch Recognized as All Star Human Resources Attorney

Providing further evidence of her unsurpassed expertise in Nevada employment law, Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg’s own attorney Rebecca (Becky) Bruch was awarded on December 1, 2022, with the first annual “All-Star Volunteer” Award by the Northern Nevada Human Resources Association (NNHRA). The award had to be invented because there was no other award available in […]