Insurance Law & Torts

Our firm prides itself on its extensive insurance defense and insurance coverage practice. We have represented hundreds of insurance companies and their insureds in virtually every type of first-party and third-party case. Our insurance defense practice includes defending insureds in cases involving the following:

  • professional liability,
  • personal injuries,
  • property damage,
  • product liability,
  • premises liability,
  • construction defect litigation, and
  • virtually every other category of third-party litigation.

We have extensive experience providing insurance coverage opinions to insurance companies, as well as representing insurance companies in first-party coverage litigation, bad faith cases, and other insurance-related cases.

As a primary practice area in our firm, we have a long and successful history of litigating and defending cases involving minor fender-benders to serious multiple fatality accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, trains, and tractor-trailers. The experience we have by defending and winning at trials provides valuable insight in forming successful strategies to combat runaway verdicts as a result of passion-based arguments by plaintiffs’ counsel. We strive to give every one of our clients a fair trial based on the facts and the law.

The attorneys at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg have also represented plaintiffs in a variety of personal injury and other tort cases, from boating to motor vehicle accidents to premises liability accidents. Our experience as defense attorneys allows us a unique advantage to representing our clients in their personal injury cases. Our attorneys are sensitive to how an accident can affect your life and we work diligently to provide you with effective representation in your personal injury claim.

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