Attorney Wellness – Avoiding Fatigue, Imbalanced Lifestyle and Burnout

Caryn Tijsseling photoOn September 7, 2023, Caryn Tijsseling presented a Continuing Legal Education program on Attorney Wellness for the 2023 Nevada Government Civil Attorneys’ Conference at Bally’s Lake Tahoe.  The presentation emphasized that while the legal profession is challenging and rewarding, it comes with many stressors that must be managed effectively to avoid fatigue, imbalanced lifestyles, and burnout.  The importance of stress management to our overall health and wellbeing cannot be overlooked.  Prioritizing sleep, healthy nutrition, daily movement, breathwork, and “finding your fun” are all ways busy legal professionals can effectively manage the stress of practicing law and regain control of our lives and improve our well-being while providing diligent and important services to client.

Caryn is also a frequent writer, guest blogger, and speaker on issues related to lawyer well-being including a regular column in The Writ, the Washoe County Bar Association’s newsletter.  She also presents and consults on lawyer and judicial wellness as a faculty member of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.  Through her wellness work, Caryn strives to connect simple foundational wellness habits to the unique demands and ethical obligations of the legal profession in practical, entertaining, and relevant ways.  Attorneys can best serve their clients when the attorneys themselves are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.